A beautiful green garden is the desire of every people. As the outdoor season is all set to start, it’s time to decorate a beautiful patio in your house. A beautiful lawn will make you the talk of your neighborhood and you can enjoy an evening walk in the dew of lush garden. However, a beautiful garden does not need only beautiful flowers and plants. It also requires proper maintenance and care to keep it green and lush throughout the year.

Now you must be wondering how to take proper care of your garden? Well, care and maintenance of a lawn start with right garden accessories. Yes, it is an essential requirement which every gardener must have. If you are a garden enthusiast and thinking of entering into gardening you must start with buying garden accessories from online gardening accessories stores.

Online garden accessories stores are the one -stop destinations for gardening requirements. Here, you will get everything that requires for proper garden maintenance and care. However, if you are thinking how to take proper care of your garden? Here is a list of tips for gardening and maintenance.

 Cutting

Cutting plays an important role in lawn care and gardening. It helps thicken the density of grass. However, if you want to know about cutting technique, it is always better to switch cutting patterns and directions each time you mow. This technique won’t let grass blades pressed in the same track. During summer time, you must keep your grass little longer as it helps to withstand drought.

 Watering

If you wish to keep your lawn green and lush all round year, watering plays an important role. But how often your garden needs watering entirely depends on the weather and humidity of the place where you stay. If you have just planted a few plants in your garden, you must water them once in a day so that plants can form a solid root inside. Nowadays, watering a lawn is not a time-consuming task. You can water your garden automatically with a hose. At online gardening accessories stores, you will get a wide variety of hose at reasonable price rates.

 Fertilizer

Fertilizing is an important task that keeps plants healthy and lush. Cutting grass or old branches of plants removes nutrients and this has to be fulfilled through quality fertilization. At the beginning of Spring, you must fertilize your garden with all important nutrients like potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus etc. You can get both organic and chemical fertilizer at stores that supply garden accessories online.

 Weed control

Another important factor for proper lawn care and maintenance is weed control. Weeds should be removed from the garden through mechanical means. At online garden accessories stores, you will get different types of weed control products and chemicals that not only removes weeds and but also restricts their re-growth.

 Air

The plant roots require air to grow. Often the soil of garden is not sandy enough to boost the growth of plants and thus results in the little growth of plants. With just digging small holes in the garden and filling them with coarse, you can make proper arrangements of air with which plants can form a strong root inside and grow adequately.

These are the steps which you must follow to keep your garden lush and beautiful throughout the year. After all, a beautiful lawn is a source of your pride, an oasis for relieving stress and a place for your children to play. So, give them proper care and maintenance.