With more and more people living in the heart of busy cities, apartment gardening has become more pleasurable and fashionable of late. Not only does a balcony garden give you the opportunity to exercise your green thumb but also creates a more beautiful environment. However, a few basic pointers will guide you in balcony gardening and may be you could start your own indoor herb garden as well.

Planning A Small Space Garden

It is very important to plan your balcony garden in advance before getting down to it.

  • First, ensure your building authorities are okay with your small space ideas.
  • Next, consider how much weight the apartment garden can take, how plants are to be watered in the small space garden.
  • Finally consider what plants can be grown. Herbs such basil and watercress are good options.

Ask yourself questions and involve family members in the apartment garden so that each can take some responsibility and create an aesthetically pleasing balcony garden.

Placing The Small Space Garden

An ideal location for apartment gardening is of course a balcony or a patio. However, even if that space is not available for a small space garden, the windowsill may be used to place small plants. Both sunlit and shady areas can be utilized in apartment gardening for growing different plants.

Containers Used For Balcony Gardening

The containers used in a small space garden are not only important in holding the plants but also create the right look while small space gardening. A variety of containers can be chosen from such as:

  • Hanging baskets: Ideal for a small space garden as they do not take up any floor space hanging baskets add color to the balcony garden. Consider however that, these baskets get heavier after the plant has been watered, so they should be fixed firmly.
  • Clay containers: Coming in different shapes and sizes, clay containers are affordable while working with small space ideas.
  • Plastic containers: They are trendy, colorful, and sturdy and what is more, these containers used in the balcony garden retain water so there is no danger of the plant drying up.
  • Wooden containers: Create the right earthy feel and can be easily handled in an apartment garden as they are not very heavy.

For more economic ideas while small space gardening, one can even use recycled material at home such as old helmets and boots.

Plants To Grow Using Small Space Ideas

Plants that can be grown while small space gardening depend on the climatic conditions of the place. Moreover, there are some plants that grow better in containers and these need to be cultivated in a balcony garden. It is a good idea to start with bonsai plants as these beautify the small space garden and can be looked after easily. Herbs may also be grown and sprouts that do not require much light for cultivation may be another good option in the apartment garden. On the windowsill cherry tomatoes and Thumbelina carrots among other vegetables may be grown.

A balcony garden when properly looked after can be your refuge from the smoke and grime of the city. So with a little bit of planning and lots of effort once may enjoy the great experience of apartment gardening.